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At Puissant, we get inspired by disruption and work towards empowering organizations with modern technology. We trust in innovation and infinite possibilities. We are committed to explore all possibilities and deliver phenomenal results to take you to the next level.

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Puissant is a global IT Company founded and operated by highly experienced and talented IT industry professionals. We specialize in Application Development and Maintenance, Business Intelligence, IT Consulting, Application Hosting, and Quality Assurance Services. Puissant's goal is to deliver services and solutions that reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increase Return on Investment (ROI). Puissant delivers industry leading services and solutions that are qualitative and cost effective.

Puissant provides total technology solutions and IT services to diverse industries. We have been consistently delivering quality services for our esteemed customers, we ensure smooth transition into advanced IT network platforms and technology environments. We have a group of experienced and skilled experts for application development, system integrations, enterprise services and e-commerce and portal management. We provide superior service coupled with the highest levels of quality standards.

Puissant is a consulting and application support provider concentrating in offering customized application development and other IT related services. We focus on a thorough understanding of specific markets from both the supply and demand perspectives and we assist companies in identifying and exploiting the IT development and contracting scenarios.

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Puissant believes that growth and profitability depend simply on traditional management skills:


  • Adopting comprehensive strategic service delivery objectives and consistent support mechanism

  • Innovating in initiating aggressive technology platforms and applications

  • Preparing strong base of solution offering for customized application development

  • Evolving continuous strategic technology alternative plans

Our Vision

We aim to support customers across the globe and provide techno-rich IT solutions, feature-rich applications, customized support services and become a preferred IT partner for our valued clients and exceed their expectations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be global IT service provider through our innovative research and design initiatives and globally acclaimed service delivery models. To realize our vision, we adopt the following mission objectives:

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  • Provide continuous support to clients using advanced customer care support systems

  • Build and develop technology competencies within the teams to take up challenging and world-class tasks

  • Provide smart, secure and scalable solutions

  • Collaborate with other likeminded players within the industry for cohesive service delivery

  • Contribute to the growth of clients in their marketplaces

  • Support clients to face the barriers of time and space in the global service environment

  • Innovate and design new ways of service offerings

  • Adhere to international quality standards and benchmarks

Our Values

Our value system drives our workforce to determine and represent our culture in all spheres of work, operations, services and initiatives. Our core values guide us to put all our effort into cohesive manner to accomplish our organizational objectives. We embark on the following corporate values to conduct and provide world-class experiences for our clients:


Dignity and Individuality

We inculcate dignified work culture where people treat each other with reciprocal respect and mutual understanding. We appreciate the contribution and role of all individuals in our journey; attentively and compassionately communicate the same among our workforce. We encourage individuals to ideate and share their innovative views and aspirations to achieve overall goals. Our team irrespective their levels and positions work beyond barriers such as race, color, age, sex, religion or national origin.

Working Together

Team Spirit

At Puissant, our team spirit brings us together, escalating our limitations to excel in organizational, functional and strategic operations and services. We work toward shared vision to deliver products, services and support valued customers exceeding their expectations. We assist and support each other in accomplishing their individual tasks and objectives in order to realize our long-term objectives.



Innovation is the key feature in Puissant's work model. We strive to redefine and remodel the service delivery methods to bring in complete satisfaction among our clientele. We assign our workforce with challenging tasks and assignments that make them scale up their skills and proficiencies to constantly embed innovation and creativity in their work culture.

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We possess high levels integrity and confidentiality to the customers' information and services. At Puissant, we practice highest standards of honest, ethical and fair practices in terms of service delivery. We try to keep our word to the best possible level and deliver what we promise. In fact, we try to deliver more than what we promise and surprise our clients.

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Customer Focus

All our efforts, initiatives, models, methods and processes are aimed to provide services, solutions, support and products that are totally customer-centric. We try to provide more value for money through developing and providing technologically advanced solutions and services. We make enduring relationships with our valued customers by understanding their current and future needs emphatically. Accordingly, we provide suitable solutions.

Our Workforce

Our team is dedicated to build utmost success to our valued customers through superior outsourced software application development and management.


Puissant is a right blend of people, processes, passion and service excellence.

With the industry experts at the helm of management, our executive management team emphasizes on giving utmost priority to the development of workforce with apt business and IT skills.

Our executive team considers that it is their priority to continue to build upon their success and make Puissant an outstanding IT service player to work, partner and collaborate. Our team has the right talent and innovative work culture.

Business Team
  • We have strong foundation and objectives to offer simplified solutions, comprehensive support and best-in-class IT services to diverse business verticals.Our team provides comprehensive IT services that include system analysis, design, development and support.

  • We have a strong base of skilled IT analysts, programmers, developers, consultants and so on to provide customized IT / software solutions and services. We use the latest and the most effective development technologies to work out the customized solutions for our clients.

  • At Puissant, our employees evolve professionally and personally in a cohesive work model. This enables every employee to imbibe the best knowledge and values of the industry to which we belong.

  • All our employees are encouraged to develop key qualities such as 'customer-first-concern', unity in decision making, cohesive team work, quality consciousness and professional discipline.

  • Our work culture ensures that a strong team work and achievement attitude with some of the exemplary traits such as integrity, excellence, learning, fairness, accountability and organizational pride in equal measure.

  • We firmly believe that great organizations are built by exceptional people. Thus, we give importance to all our workforce and try to add new employees with exceptional skills and experience. We strive to develop leadership skills and people-centric initiatives to create a congenial and caring environment.


We are committed towards driving transformation and making you future ready. We are dedicated listeners and enjoy solving your toughest challenges. We help you rise to next level by leveraging technological disruptions. Partner with us and explore the endless opportunities.

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